Powerful garden irrigation with high efficiency

A garden pump is often used to water lawns and flower beds. In addition, a pump is also suitable for circulating and pumping out tap water, rainwater etc. The increased pressure is also suitable for sprinklers or garden showers as a further area of application. Pumps from AL-KO are particularly characterised by their high efficiency, which is why our products excel in efficiency. They are extremely quiet from the ground up, so you will not be disturbed by the noise of the working garden pump. The built-in motors are extremely durable and powerful, so you can be sure of a long service life. The large capacity of our garden pumps speaks for itself. In order to guarantee you the highest level of comfort and safety during operation, our garden pumps have wide adjustable feet, some have a dry-running protection and pump heads made of high-quality stainless steel. The built-in XXL pre-filter can be easily removed and cleaned. The equipment and features are dependent on the model.

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AL-KO garden pumps Advantages | Comprehensive protection

comprehensive protection

The integrated dry-running protection effectively secures the pump against possible damage in the event of water failure. The easy-to-clean XXL filter also provides optimum protection against contamination.

AL-KO garden pumps Advantages | Quick installation

Ruck Zuck installed

Thanks to the non-return valve integrated in the filter, the AL-KO garden pumps draw in the water particularly quickly and are therefore easy to commission.

AL-KO garden pumps advantages | Self-priming garden pumps


Whether it's a fountain, cistern or rainwater barrel - AL-KO garden pumps suck in water effortlessly within a very short time thanks to the built-in jet system. They are therefore always quickly ready for use.

AL-KO Garden Pumps Advantages | Conveying Technology

High efficiency, quiet operation

Thanks to the 5-stage, powerful conveying technology with an efficiency of over 30 percent, the Jet 6000/5 Premium garden pump is not only enormously efficient, but also pleasantly quiet with a maximum sound emission of 73 db (A). With an enormously high pressure performance of up to 6 bar (60 metres), the pump also achieves a maximum delivery rate of 6,000 l/h.

AL-KO garden pumps Advantages | Robust housing

Robust and maintenance-free

The housings of the AL-KO garden pumps are optionally made of stainless INOX steel or fibreglass-reinforced plastic. This makes the pumps particularly robust and durable. Brass inlays in the connection fittings also ensure a solid connection with standard G 1" threads.

AL-KO garden pumps advantages | Venturi system

Integrated Venturi system

Large suction effect and effective water flow through integrated Venturi system (not with all pumps).

AL-KO Hedge shears | Product lines
Our garden pumps

Garden pumps are used for safe and convenient garden irrigation with sprayers, showers and sprinklers. They are handy and mobile and ensure powerful watering even over long distances. Suction heights up to 8 m are no problem. The integrated dry run protection protects the pump from possible damage if not enough water is supplied. The XXL filter, which is also easy to clean, protects against impurities inside the pump. AL-KO garden pumps with multi-stage delivery technology such as the Jet 6000/5 Premium are particularly quiet in operation. Pumps with an integrated Venturi system such as the Jet 3600 impress with their high suction effect and effective water flow.

Tested and rated "very good": water pump AL-KO Jet 6000/5 Premium , DIY practice (05/2013): very good (1,4)

With us you will find:

| Premium garden pumps 
Especially quiet and energy-saving water pump

| Comfort garden pumps 
With integrated dry run protection and XXL filter

| Classic garden pumps 
Robust, powerful entry-level pumps

AL-KO Heckenscheren | Gürtel für Akku-Heckenscheren

The right pump for your needs

Premium garden pumps
|Integrated XXL pre-filter
| Integrated dry run protection
| Powerful and energy-saving
| Especially quiet

Comfort garden pumps
| Integrated dry run protection
| Integrated XXL prefilter
| Powerful and reliable

Classic garden pumps
| Easy to commission
| Mobile and compact
|Perfect price-performance ratio

Multi-sided submersible pumps 

Submersible pumps operate according to the so-called "centrifugal principle": Water reaches the motor-driven impeller in the water-bearing part via a suction opening. The water sucked in is transported further via the impellers. A distinction is made between drainage pumps, which build up only low pressure and move large quantities of water, and submersible pumps. They generate enough pressure for irrigation or for pumping to greater heights, for example even to upper floors.

Dirty water pumps are a special case: They have to move not only water but also dirt particles. This significantly increases the load on the material and the performance of the motor. Thanks to its vortex impeller geometry, the model of the DRAIN 20000 HD submersible pump can easily handle even heavily contaminated water with 5 percent suspended solids and grain sizes of up to 38 mm.


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