Comfortable and quick preparation of firewood for the cold season.

Splitting wood by hand with an axe is a physically demanding and time-consuming task. To make your future work more comfortable, AL-KO wood splitters are equipped with powerful motors so that your stock of firewood for the winter is built up in no time. Thanks to their proven performance, our extremely durable horizontal and vertical splitters are highly valued for producing firewood. Our log splitters work with standard 230 V and they can produce a splitting force of up to 6 tonnes. Thanks to their compact design, our log splitters can be stored in the tool shed, outhouse or garage. Making firewood has never been so easy!

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Wood splitter | AL-KO splitter with 2-hand operation and wood holding device

Exceptionally safe

Hand protection, 2-hand operation, wood holding device, protective cage and lateral wood supports not only make working with our log splitters particularly safe, but also ensure comfortable operation.

Wood splitter | AL-KO splitter with strong splitting wedge

Pure force

The strong, multiply welded splitting wedge guarantees perfect results and a long service life. It splits even hard wood effortlessly. Hardly any trunk is too thick for the powerful motorised hoists. They can cope with up to 8 tonne splitting pressure.

Wood splitters | AL-KO splitters with adjustable holders

Perfectly adjustable

Stroke limitation, fast return of the riving knife and adjustable holders provide the basis for efficient working.

Wood splitter | AL-KO wood support on splitting table

Shelf included

The wood supports on the splitting table automatically centre the wood in the middle. The split wood is pushed onto the splitting table and can be easily and safely removed from there or dropped into a wheelbarrow, for example.

Wood splitter | AL-KO Mobile splitter with wheels

Stable, mobile and space-saving

The large footprint ensures stability when working. With the robust wheels you are mobile at all times and can transport the splitter to its place of use. And thanks to their compact design, you can store the AL-KO wood splitters in the shed to save space.

Wood splitters | AL-KO Tips for splitting wood

Tips & Tricks

Heating with wood is becoming increasingly popular. Many people appreciate the feeling when they sit in front of the fireplace in the living room on winter evenings, or they enjoy the warmth of a tiled stove. A saying goes: "Wood warms three times": first when the wood is cut/sawn, then when it is split and finally when it burns. With the help of wood splitters, the sawn wood can easily be chopped into suitable logs. Here we give you some advice about splitting wood:

Horizontal or vertical log splitters?
With standing log splitters, the splitting wedge is driven vertically into the log, therefore higher forces can be used. With horizontal splitters it is the other way round: The wood is pressed horizontally into the wedge.

The horizontal log splitters
| Powerful log splitters with splitting pressure up to 5 tonne
| Ideal for splitting firewood up to 52 cm long
| Space-saving and mobile
| Ergonomic and safe

The vertical log splitter
| Extremely powerful log splitter with splitting pressure up to 6 tonne
| Powerful for logs up to 55 cm
Extremely robust construction
| Mobile and space-saving storage

Saw first, then split
Saw the wood to the ideal splitting length of your log splitter so that you don't have to hold it twice. Please wear safety shoes, goggles and gloves.

Split wood as freshly as possible
Split freshly cut wood along the grain. Splitting dry wood is risky because it can burst and parts can fly around. The ideal time to chop wood is winter.

After splitting, store the logs in a dry, well-ventilated place and not stacked too tightly. Before the firewood can be used for heating, it should be stored for at least one year or longer, depending on the type of wood, so that it is sufficiently dry for clean burning.

For your safety, only use original accessories for log splitters.

Wood splitter: horizontal or vertical?

Wood splitters from AL-KO can be used for logs of different lengths and for pieces of wood with different diameters. In our assortment we offer you both standing (vertical) and lying (horizontal) wood splitters. Their construction is robust and their operation is characterised by comfort and maximum safety. For your protection, they are therefore equipped with a two-handed safety control.
All our log splitters can be easily transported to the desired location thanks to the integrated wheels. The horizontal splitters are not only convincing in terms of stability, but are also particularly safe thanks to the protective cover. For exact splitting, the splitting wedges are welded several times and therefore very durable. Our upright log splitters have holding claws which fix thin and diagonally cut wood and thus enable precise splitting, as well as a practical quick-release screw so that you can limit the splitting stroke precisely.


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