Battery or electric chain saws: for gardeners 

The compact chain saws from AL-KO make it easier for you to complete and wood cutting tasks you may have around your property. For your comfort, we have designed our chainsaws to have an optimal weight distribution and to fit extremely well in the hand. You can tension the cutting bar and chain in no time at all using the tools included allowing you to start your work quickly and easily. To ensure a high level of safety, our chainsaws have a chain break system and a hand guard.

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AL-KO chain saws advantages | double safety

Double safety

With system brake and hand protection bracket with quick chain stop, is of the highest safety - designed for comfortable and accident-free working.

AL-KO chain saws Advantages | Ergonomic working

Perfect handle

With their balanced weight, AL-KO chain saws balance well in the hand. 

AL-KO chain saws advantages | Easy maintenance

Light in handling and maintenance

The automatic chain lubrication and the inspection window on the oil tank make it easy to maintain the battery and electric chain saws. 

AL-KO chain saws | Product lines
Battery or Electric?

Battery Powered AL-KO 36 V Chainsaw: flexible emission-free Li-Ion-Power.

The battery-powered chain saw impresses with its slim shape, uncompromising features and its cordless, emission-free Li-Ion-Power. It offers a very strong cutting performance and durability thanks to the original Oregon bar and chain. Tool-less chain tensioning makes it easy to work with, as does the automatic chain lubrication system with visual inspection window on the oil tank. Safety is ensured by the system brake and hand guard with chain quick stop.

AL-KO 36 V: Focus on the battery

Mowing the lawn, trimming the hedge or blowing together autumn leaves with one and the same battery - no problem with the AL-KO 36 V family. With four lawnmowers and many hand tools, the AL-KO 36 V battery family offers everything for your garden. In addition, thanks to its lithium-ion cells, it is exceptionally durable and does not self-discharge because there is no memory effect.
The battery-powered chain saw combines the advantages of the petrol chain saw, such as flexibility, with the advantages of the electric chain saw, such as low maintenance and zero emissions. The cordless chain saw impresses with its slim shape, uncompromising features and its cordless, emission-free Li-Ion Power.  

Other advantages:

Strong cutting performance and durability thanks to original Oregon bar and chain
I Model from the AL-KO 36 V family therefore without battery and charger
I Simple, tool-free chain tension
I Automatic chain lubrication with visual control window on the oil tank
I Safety is ensured by the system brake and hand guard with chain quick stop

Battery motors with strong power - in our cordless chain saw 

On a lushly overgrown plot of land, you must regularly trim tall trees and shrubs for maintenance or replanting. But even in smaller gardens and plots there is always something to do when it comes to wood. Whether it's sawing branches, minor interior finishing work or preparing firewood - cordless chainsaws are the right choice for this and other woodwork.

Quality markings:

I Cordless thanks to powerful Li-Ion battery 
I Tool-less chain tensioning 
I Automatic chain lubrication 
I Member of the AL-KO EnergyFlex family

Do something good for yourself and your garden: cordless chain saws from AL-KO are emission-free and quiet and therefore gentle on the environment.

Electric chain saws: ideal for thicker and thinner trunks in your own garden

You must regularly trim tall trees and shrubs for maintenance or replanting. But even in smaller gardens and plots there is always something to do when it comes to wood. Whether its sawing branches, interior finishing or preparing firewood - electric chain saws are the right choice for this and other woodwork. In order to make your work as easy as possible, AL-KO's machines are equipped with first-class features. The bar and chain are original from Oregon and impress with their excellent cutting performance and durability. Thanks to super powerful motors, our electric chain saws glide through any kind of wood at a speed of 13.5 m/s without any problems. For your safety, they have a hand guard and a system brake which ensures a quick chain stop if necessary. Our electric chain saws are also masters of their trade when it comes to comfort. The chain is automatically lubricated and the oil tank has a control window.

Electric chain saws are your strong and reliable partner for all woodworking. Thanks to electric motors with plenty of power, you can saw thin branches as well as thick trunks effortlessly. In our shop you can choose between a classic cross motor or a handy longitudinal motor. They are ideal for use in the house or areas close to the house. Electric chain saws are recommended for hobby gardeners who cut smaller trees, branches or firewood. Also very suitable for the construction sector.

Other advantages

I No exhaust fumes: This is why the electric chain saw can also be used well in closed rooms or barns
I Slim design with longitudinally mounted motor
I Safety: through system brake and chain quick stop
Overload protection in case of overheating
I Easy maintenance

Electric chain saws: Lightweights with powerful motors 

The classic version is the powerful transverse motor. In its conception, we have placed great emphasis on optimal weight distribution. In this way, you can cut the firewood for your stove, for example, easily and in the shortest possible time. The longitudinal motor makes the electric chain saw slim and increases your freedom of movement. With the handy EKI 2200/40 you can saw branches and beams at great heights without tiring.

Both versions are extremely ergonomic and innovative in their design, so that you can say goodbye to sore muscles and back pain. - Durable, low-maintenance and free from harmful exhaust fumes - Up to 2,400 watts of power depending on the model - bar length up to 40 cm - Chain tension partly without tools Do something good for yourself and your garden: electric chain saws from AL-KO are emission-free and low-noise, and therefore gentle on the environment.

AL-KO chain saws | Interesting facts
Useful Information
| The right protective clothing
Before you start, you have to dress properly! Protection for head, eyes, ears, hands, legs and feet is mandatory. For the head area there is a safety helmet with visor and ear protection, which protects against noise and flying branches and shavings. It is also essential to wear cut protection trousers with reinforced leg inserts and cut protection shoes when working with the chainsaw.

| Correctly start the petrol chainsaw
When starting the petrol chainsaw, place it on the ground and hold it firmly (sword must be free). The switch next to the rear handle is something like the ignition lock on a car. On "I" you work, on "O" (STOP) the saw is off.

How to hold the chainsaw correctly
Hands grasp the handles so that the thumb always encloses the handle (closed handle). Always hold the chainsaw with both hands! The chain saw should be supported as much as possible when cutting (on the log or the stop claw). Supporting the chain saw increases safety and makes it easier to hold it.

| Ideal body posture when sawing
The basic position when cutting with a chainsaw must always be chosen so that the body cannot be thrown off balance by impact and pulling. For a firm and safe stand, the legs are therefore offset laterally and lengthwise. Do not use chainsaws on ladders or trees.

Regular re-tensioning, lubrication & oiling is extremely important and can be done via the chain tensioning screw. Incorrect tension can lead to premature wear of the guide bar or to frequent chain breakage. The chain oil is also important. Because to saw without oil would mean the early death of bar and chain. Some AL-KO chain saws are equipped with automatic chain lubrication as well as a regulator to adjust the oil delivery volume.

Cleaning the chainsaw is mandatory: Regular cleaning of the chainsaw from dried, stubborn dirt such as resin is essential. Remove the saw chain and clean your saw after each operation. It is especially important that the chain is always optimally sharpened. You should only do this yourself if you have learned it under professional guidance. In general: If the maintenance schedule in the operating instructions is followed, you do not need to worry about the condition of your chainsaw.

| Our advice to hobby foresters: Get your "chainsaw driving licence"
The chainsaw licence is a qualification certificate for all those who want to cut firewood in forests themselves and, of course, for all those who work professionally with the saw. The contents and requirements of the courses are determined by the statutory accident insurance companies. You can easily find such a course in your area, it is offered by forestry administrations or DIY stores, among others.


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