Fully-automatic, perfectly cut lawn - for gardens up to 2,000 sqm

Quietly, safely, gently and  also intelligently when connected to a Smart Home or Smart Gardening System. The Robolinho® robotic mowers work while you spend your free time with your family, doing activities you enjoy or just simply relaxing. Thanks to the Double Cut system developed by AL-KO, our robots produce a perfect cut on the lawn whilst at the same time, the tiny grass cuttings act as biological lawn fertiliser. The Robolinho® mowing robots not only mow your lawn automatically and reliably, but they can even navigate passages as narrow as 60cm and slopes up to 45% making them capable of ensuring a beautifully maintained lawn in almost any type of garden. 

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AL-KO Mowing Robot Advantages | Lawn care made easy

Lawn care made easy

Thanks to the regular cut, the lawn always stays in optimum condition. Natural fertilisation is ensured by the double blade technology, which finely cuts the grass cuttings within the mower housing and returns them to the lawn. This also means that no grass cuttings need to be disposed of.

AL-KO Mowing Robot Advantages | Easy installation

Easy installation

Set up and fix the base station to the ground, lay the boundary cable around the mowing area and fix with the ground nails. The boundary cable reliably identifies the boundaries of the working area. Set mowing times and you're done. Boundary cable and ground nails are not included with robotic mowers in the solo® by AL-KO range.

AL-KO Mowing Robot Advantages | Independent working

Independent working

The clearly laid out control panel makes programming the Robolinho® a simple task. Alternatively, you can control your Robolinho® via the AL-KO inTouch App. Simply enter the desired mowing times on the device or in the app - and that's it! The Robolinho® will then mow automatically.

AL-KO Mowing Robot Advantages | AL-KO Robolinho® compatible with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT

Compatible with Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and AL-KO inTOUCH

WLAN-compatible Robolinho® models can be conveniently monitored, operated, configured and linked to other services and devices via the AL-KO inTOUCH app, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT

AL-KO Mowing Robot Advantages | Mature Technology

Sophisticated technology

Thanks to its compact design and intelligent control system, the Robolinho® can also navigate through passages as narrow as 60cm. It detects obstacles, avoiding them automatically and will return to the base station in time for recharging.

AL-KO Mowing Robot Advantages | A clean solution

A clean solution

The double mulching blade system reduces debris in the housing, ensures a perfect cutting pattern and eliminates the need to dispose of the grass clippings. The alternating direction of the blade disk also helps to keeps the cutting blades sharp twice as long. Turning the blades around doubles the working life again.

AL-KO Mowing Robot Advantages | AL-KO Robolinho® Slope

Optimal climbing ability

The Robolinho® is excellent at climbing thanks to its powerful drive and non-slip wheel profile. It masters inclines of up to 45 % effortlessly. (up to 35% on 450 W model)

AL-KO Mowing Robot Advantages | Weather independent


The built-in rain sensor on the solo® by AL-KO mowing robots gives you the choice: Mow in the rain or take a break.

AL-KO Mowing Robot Advantages | To the right size

The right size

The cutting height adjustment can be set with one control dial - uncomplicated and quickly.

AL-KO Mowing Robot Advantages | Drive home at the push of a button

Home at the touch of a button

The mowing operation can be interrupted at any time by pressing the Home button or using the inTOUCH app. The robotic mower will then automatically return to its base station. When the battery charge level gets low, the robot will also automatically return to its base station for recharging. The lithium-ion technology ensures fast charging without memory effect and a long service life.

AL-KO Mowing Robot Advantages | Non-slip profile

Slip-proof profile

Strong traction as standard: the two drives with strongly profiled wheels ensure small turning radii and excellent grip.

AL-KO Mowing Robot Advantages | Engineered in Germany made in Austria

Made in...

In search of the optimum, with the aim of creating a piece of the future. For more than 50 years we have been designing and developing garden tools in Germany that combine innovative spirit, the highest quality and state of the art technology. 


Robolinho® 450 W 
The Robolinho® 450 W is designed for lawns up to 450 m². The double blade mower with a cutting width of 20 cm ensures the mower can get into the smallest of spaces. This smaller model can handle slopes of up to 35%.

Robolinho® 500 E
The Robolinho® 500 E mows lawns up to 500 m² fully automatically and safely. Its low weight and high manoeuvrability even in narrow passages from 60 cm ensure high mowing efficiency. It even masters inclines of up to 45% thanks to the profiled drive wheels. 

Robolinho® 700 W
The Robolinho® 700 W is designed for lawns up to 700 m². Thanks to the large ground clearance it easily creates higher and denser grass. The double blade mower with a cutting width of 22 cm ensures a clean mowing result. Thanks to the built-in rain sensor, you have the choice of stopping the Robolinho® when it rains.

Robolinho® 1200 W
The Robolinho® 1200 W is ideal for maintaining lawns up to 1,200 m² and complex gardens. It has a cutting width of 23 cm and a practical rain sensor, so that you can optionally stop the mowing programme when it rains. Six individually adjustable starting points make it the perfect mowing robot for complex gardens. Compared to the Robolinho® 700, it mows for more than twice as long (140 minutes). Of course, Robolinho® 1200 W can also be controlled via app from on the road. 

Robolinho® 2000 W
The Robolinho® 2000 is the strongest member of the Robolinho family and masters enormous lawns of up to 2,000 m². Nine entry points can be set individually, so you can easily reach even remote garden areas and even narrow passages from 60 cm width. Thanks to its powerful battery, it mows for up to 240 minutes at a time. Of course, the Robolinho® 2000 W Smart Home is also compatible and can be easily controlled with a smartphone or tablet.

Mowing robot | AL-KO Smart Gardening

Smart Gardening

The most important features at a glance:

I Manual start and stop
I Manual station search or Homing
I Voice control e.g. via Amazon Alexa
I Link to other smart gardening tools and web services via IFTTT
I Split Robolinho® if you are absent for a long time
I Send service reports directly to the dealer

I Installation guide with step-by-step instructions
I Setting of mowing programmes and times
I Assignment of entry points
I Activating and deactivating the rain sensor
Giving the Robolinho® an individual nickname
I Keep the Robolinho® up-to-date with software updates

Status request
I Display of the current activity (e.g. B. in operation or during charging)
I Fault message via e-mail, SMS or push message if there is a problem on the device
I Display of the current battery voltage
I Info about the next use or the remaining operating time

Mowing robot | AL-KO inTouch App

AL-KO inTOUCH Smart Garden App
The AL-KO inTOUCH Smart Garden App not only allows you to take lawn mowing and garden maintenance to a new level, but also connects Robolinho® to your smart home and other intelligent gardening tools. With the app and the AL-KO Smart Cloud you can, for example, easily optimise processes, automate procedures in a meaningful way, operate compatible devices such as the Robolinho® W from anywhere and obtain useful information about your equipment and your garden. This not only saves effort and resources, but also your valuable time.

Get the AL-KO inTOUCH Smart Garden App:

I Search for AL-KO, inTOUCH, Robolinho or AL-KO inTOUCH
I Download the app and install it on your smartphone.
I Log in with your login data from the AL-KO Shop.

Experience the digital world of garden technology with the AL-KO inTOUCH Smart Garden App.

Contents of the AL-KO inTOUCH Smart Garden App:

I Connect and control your Robolinho mowing robot
I Add other devices from the AL-KO world
I Check out the device-specific FAQs
I Find suitable accessories and spare parts quickly
I Discover device-specific care and application tips
I Get tips and tricks in our garden world
I Get news from AL-KO Gardentech

The AL-KO inTOUCH app is available in Google Play-Store or the Apple App-Store.

Mähroboter | AL-KO Mähroboter Installation


In just a few steps the Robolinho® mowing robots are ready for use:

I Build and anchor base station
I Lay the supplied boundary wire around the mowing area
I Program operating times
This is what you must bear in mind when installing the Robolinho® mowing robot:

I The distance of the boundary wire must be between 15 cm and 25 cm to allow mowing close to the edge
I Lay the boundary wire once around the mowing area
I Install the base station in a weatherproof location
I The Robolinho® can drive through corridors from 60 cm upwards
I The Robolinho® can cope with gradients of up to 45%
I Obstacles such as flower beds or ponds are excluded with the boundary cable

It is even more convenient to install a Robolinho, if your local Robolinho® dealer takes care of it for you. They will be happy to help you with advice and practical assistance if you wish.
Mowing Robots | AL-KO Mowing Robots Installation Service

Installation service

AL-KO specialists dealer are able to offer you a complete Robolinho® installation service. 

The benefits for you:

I The robotic mower & installation service provided from one source
I Installation & set up at a fixed price. Contact your local dealer for pricing.

The installation service includes the following:

Pre-loading of the latest software on to your Robolinho®
I Pre-planning/consulting during installation visit
I Laying of the boundary cable 
I Programming the robotic mower
Introduction into the functions of the Robolinho®


Extremely quiet and efficient mowing

Bad weather or a busy lifestyle no longer means that you can't have a well cared for lawn. Our robotic mowers can easily cope with most domestic requirements thanks to a powerful 3400 rpm motor. Grippy, rubberised tyres enable our robotic mowers to mow on slopes with a gradient of up to 45 %. Also, they are extremely quiet with a guaranteed noise level of only 69 dB (A) so do not disturb you or your neighbours at any time. .

Mowing times can be programmed according to your wishes on a clearly laid out control panel. Our robots work according to a random principle. An integrated logic circuit guarantees that every piece of your lawn is mowed to ensure a neat and tidy finish. The cutting height can be adjusted in seven stages which allows the robot to provide you with your desired finish. The area for mowing is identified using a special boundary cable which can be laid above or max. 10 cm below the ground. Use the install kits from our range of accessories for this purpose.


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