The royal class of lawn care

With a solo® by AL-KO lawn tractor, you "experience" a very special method of maintaining for your lawn. With proven 4-stroke engines and cutting widths of up to 125 cm, you will find the right device for every requirement. You will feel how comfortable mowing is as soon as you get behind the wheel. You can rely on the safety of the AL-KO lawn tractor and experience pure pleasure when mowing in your garden. Simply turn the key and put your foot on the pedal. Wide tyres, sports steering wheel, forwards and reverse pedals arranged side by side are a strong reminder of a driving experience "very close to the car". Move into a new dimension of lawn mowing with these lawn tractors which are designed by AL-KO engineers in Germany and produced in our Austrian factory.

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Lawn tractors | AL-KO cutting deck

Mowing deck

Ball bearing mounted, vibration damped mowing deck. Designed for mowing close to edges and optimum performance. The mulching function can also be activated by inserting a mulch plug into the discharge chute

Lawn tractors | AL-KO Ergonomic seating position

Comfortable working

The low footrest, ergonomic working position and generous legroom provides comfortable and effortless mowing even over long periods of time.

Lawn tractors | AL-KO wide tyres

Wide tyres for optimum traction

The wide tyres on AL-KO lawn tractors and ride-on mowers provide optimum drive even on difficult terrain and prevent ruts in the garden.

Lawn tractors | AL-KO Cutting height adjustment

Simple to adjust the cutting height

Thanks to central cutting height adjustment, you can achieve perfect cutting results in no time at all. Using the hand lever, you can easily and simply set the appropriate cutting height.

Lawn tractors | AL-KO emptying catch box

Large volume grass collector

An acoustic signal tells you when the box is full. The box can then emptied using the telescopic lever or at the push of a button.

Lawn tractors | AL-KO Easy operation in the cockpit

Easy operation

All the controls on our lawn tractors and ride-on mowers are positioned so that they can be operated optimally from the driver's seat.

Lawn tractors | AL-KO hydrostatic drive with adjacent pedals

Hydrostatic drive with foot pedal

For the best driving experience even in the most difficult situations. The forwards and reverse pedals of the solo® by AL-KO lawn tractors are located directly next to each other.

Lawn tractors | AL-KO Air-cooled engine

Reliable power

The powerful engines ensure efficient work in large areas. Many lawn tractors are fitted with the high-quality, air-cooled Briggs & Stratton Intek engines. They are extremely durable and reliable and able to manage with daily and demanding use.

Lawn tractors | AL-KO Patented freewheel mechanism

Patented freewheel mechanism to protect the transmission

Thanks to special mechanics on our tractors, the accelerator pedal is switched off when braking. This protects the transmission and increases the service life.

Lawn tractors | AL-KO Durable frame made in Austria

Patented frame

The durable and robust frames of AL-KO lawn tractors are manufactured in our Austrian factory.

Lawn tractors | AL-KO mower unit easy to change

Mower deck removal made easy

The mower deck can be removed in just a few minutes when it is not required. This also makes cleaning the mower deck an easy task.

Lawn tractors | AL-KO Lawn tractor with trailer


An AL-KO tractor can be used in your garden all year round. As well as being used to mow the lawn, you are able to tow items such as a trailer, roller or spreader

Lawn tractors | AL-KO lawn tractor in use

Useful tips

Comparable to a premium class car, AL-KO lawn tractors offer the highest level of comfort and quality. And even in difficult terrain, the lawn tractors offer maximum driving comfort.

The wide range offers the right machine for everyone. From cutting widths between 92 cm to 125 cm, for riders even from 62 cm, 1 or 2 cylinders, and in the most varied equipment variants.

| Powerful 4-stroke engines
| Large catch boxes, easy to empty - with acoustic level signal
| Deep tread surface and plenty of legroom
| Wide tyres for turf-friendly traction
| Outside tank nozzle
| Forward and reverse pedals arranged side by side

Suspendible mowers and lawn tractors from AL-KO: Pure driving fun!

Mount, take a seat, drive off, have fun. A deep tread, plenty of legroom, an adjustable seat and easily accessible controls will give you pleasure while mowing. The quality features of our lawn tractors, also include the space-frame frame, which ensures maximum stability and excellent driving characteristics. This means you are always safe and comfortable, even in difficult terrain. A low centre of gravity minimises the risk of tipping over and makes mowing with the lawn tractor possible even on slopes.

Extra wide tyres and a 1 or 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine ensures plenty of power and speed. At dusk or in very shady areas, simply switch on the bright xenon headlights on many models. Whether it's an agile entry-level model with the best price-performance ratio or a powerhouse with plenty of power under the bonnet: simply order your dream lawn tractor from solo® by AL-KO and a specialist will deliver it to your garden ready for operation. For first-class service and guarantee, you can rely on the proven AL-KO standard.


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